Friday, June 6, 2014

Todos es Tuani

Tuani- Cool, Groovy :)

Hola amigos!

As the weeks have become more routine, theres not much to update on but this week has been quite eventful and will continue to be.


Update: I am much better now although i don't know what caused my momentary sickness!
Kate and I were able to fix our power supply but I don't think it works anymore. We also  experienced more hardships in Lab later on this week. On the positive note its just preparing of for lots of troubleshooting in the next month. Espero que en el proximo mes estara mas bueno.

At then end of the week in spanish, our weekly presentation was about our expectations and plans for the next month, which is something i have been thinking about more as it approaches quickly. 

All in all Im not expecting anything specific however  I hope and know at the end of the whole experience it will have been
worth it and i will have learn soo much and i have already met such amazing people and pushed myself to conquer some of my personal fears. 

Specifically I hope kate and I's experience at least epitomizes the ideology of " Low Hanging Fruit" and we are able to fix some simple user errors, or mite problems. Also improving my spanish. We also plan to meet up with Nikki and Shrtuthi who are the closest to us and go to Leon and hopefully we see  others too during that month.

Friday was the usual Hospital Visit. Although it was a longer day i was less tired and we all had task to do but not much to complete towards the end of the day. I was in the Fan and AC cleaning group and i also cleaned an Air compressor. Im glad we get to see/do a different task each week its a new experience and whether it Fan or a Centrifuge its all good learning and applicable knowledge and experience.  The best part of the day was when the  Fetal Incubator ! YES  Fetal INCUBATOR! Group successfully repaired the wiring problem due to part of the circuitry being burnt and the previous workers not being attaching new components but wiring incorrectly! IT was really cool because Fetal

Incubators, Warmers and Lights were some of our lecture topics this week.  Also in Lab we made and Incubator Temperature alarm systems.In my eyes one groups success is all our success and i am happy we got to do a service for the hospital and have that learning experience and see our class knowledge be applied "on the field" and turn out successful! When we arrived in the morning and i saw the Incubator I just knew something good was going to happen! I am very happy and I think it really captures what EWH and this experience and their mission is all about :)

Preliminary stages of our Incubator Temperature alarm circuit
On a less serious note. Im really happy with my exercise regime here. Although i have not been running Im back to doing Yoga and Zumba is going really well. In yoga we are learning more challenge poses and its so rewarding when I attempt something and i am even able to do it to a certain extent. I think thats whats soo cool about yoga its all about you and your personal intentions and how you challenge yourself. I hope i get to do more yoga back in the states. This week i did Zumba twice and I'm loving it! The more frequently you go the more you pick up some of the moves and they are easier to do although the footwork can still be confusing lol! I definitely see the benefits of zumba when we went dancing.  Friday night Leila and I went to zumba and then met up with everyone else to hang out and then we went dancing. Shruthi and I danced with some Nicaraguan girls and had a mini conversation in spanish introducing ourselves. They were very nice and taught me some steps and even complimented our spanish! :)

This weekend, the majority of the group is going to the Beach in San Juan de Sur but I and Shruthi, Kate, Leila, Betsy, and student Brittanny are going on a Midnight Volcano tour in Masaya on saturday and ZIPLINING  on sunday. o_0- what did i get myself into?!?!?!

Pictures from this weekend to come!

:) Adios--

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